How Much Do Tennis Sensor Weight and Cost? Is It Really Worth It!

You can uses sensors to help you up your game

An interesting item that you might want to look into is the smart tennis sensors. This device can be attached in different ways. No matter how you place this on your wrist or tennis racquet, its primary function remains the same. The smart tennis sensor can track and examine your swings.

So, what is the price of a smart tennis sensor? The average price of a smart tennis sensor is $138 and ranges from $89 to $ 249. The price of a smart tennis sensor depends on the capabilities provided such as shot tracking capabilities, live tracking, and compatibility with other racquet models.

Smart tennis sensors are devices that you can attach to your rackets or body to record and track your tennis performance metrics.

This product comes in different designs, fit, and specification. In addition, you can see this in other stores with different prices.

Are smart tennis sensors worth it? Only if you can afford them and they do not affect your gameplay or wrist, then yes.

Will smart tennis sensors make you a better player? No, using smart tennis sensors will not directly make you improve or make you a better player. Training and working on your technique are the only ways to improve in tennis. Smart tennis accessories can help monitor and fine-tune your shots by tracking and recording your statistics.

Moreover, the smart tennis sensor has advantages and disadvantages when used. In addition, this device is available in different sports shops and online stores. If you are interested in knowing more about them, then this article is for you.

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What are Smart Tennis Sensors?

One of the edges that professional players have is that they have good quality gadgets or devices that would help them. These devices are designed to help them improve their plays and know where to improve.

You might have heard of the smart tennis sensors. These are devices that some professional or competitive players have been using for quite some time in the field of tennis. But what kind of device is the smart tennis sensor?

Smart tennis sensors are capable of monitoring and tracking the shots and swings of a tennis player.

This product is considered an inertial measurement unit sensor with several features that allow them to record your tennis game data and transmit it to a phone or laptop.

These features include accelerometers, gyroscopes, and even magnetometers. (More about it here)

A smart tennis sensor, or inertial measurement unit sensor, can note up to 9-axes of gyroscopic motion. In addition, it can even register the orientation and the direct measurements of a swing or shot.

Also, smart tennis sensors work in conjunction with other electronic devices which detect light, sound, and motion changes in the environment.

This will also transfer its readings to a mobile device. With all these together, the smart tennis sensor can give you a concise, precise, and accurate impression of the data it collects from your tennis swings.

You might be wondering about the importance of this device. If you want to have the best performance, you need to analyze your current status. Knowing your current performance level, you now see how you can improve and play the game.

How did the tennis community start having smart tennis sensors?

Going back, 2013 was the time when the first smart tennis sensor was released. This product was from the Babolat Play. Eventually, other companies have showcased their innovations on smart tennis sensors and provided their version in the market.

The use of smart tennis sensors eventually grew and grew. It is not surprising since having a smart tennis sensor at hand can help players and coaches strategize and be ready for tournaments or training sessions.

Currently, we have various brands of smart tennis sensors available for sale in the market. Each of these can offer you unique features that can even include producing a 3D animation of your swing.

This feature is available only to some smart tennis sensor brands such as Zepp. Also, you might encounter smart tennis sensors which can track all sorts of parameters and present them to your phone or laptop in table format.

How are Smart Tennis Sensors Used?

To use the smart tennis sensors, they need to be strategically placed in the tennis racket or on the player.

Once positioned, the device can now be used to record essential information on the players’ performance. This includes recording their speed, acceleration, and swing angles.

In addition, compatibility is not an issue as they will work well with your mobile phone and personal computer. The data can be easily retrieved and connected to these devices for reading and storage keeping.

These are different ways of placing the sensors in your body or rackets

Firstly, this can be placed at the lower end of your tennis rackets. One of the first few released smart tennis sensors is precisely placed this way. They are mounted on the lower ends of the rackets. An example of smart tennis sensor brands designed to be mounted this way is Sony and Zepp Labs

Let us take the Sony smart tennis sensor. This one is designed to fit the lower ends of the rackets due to their detachable caps. Furthermore, all you need to do is twist it in place, and it will tightly fit your rackets. Sony designed its sensors to fit certain tennis racket brands such as Yonex, Wilson, Prince, and Head for a better fit. (Image Source)

Similar to Sony, Zepp Labs are also attached on the lower ends of the rackets. A difference between the two is that the Zepp Labs have a semi-permanent lock on the end cap.

With this attachment technique, you might find that you need some time to adapt to it. Some players who have used it this way claimed not to like it since they prefer to grip the rackets very close to the edge where the sensor is attached. In addition, there are times when the players feel like the sensor might detach during the game.

These dilemmas are solved pretty quickly as the players can eventually get used to them. (Source)

Another way to solve some players’ problems with this positioning, the smart tennis sensors can also be placed inside the handles. Some of the sensors that can facilitate this attachment are the Babolat Play and Head Tennis Sensor.

Other Ways to place the smart tennis sensor

Furthermore, mounting your smart tennis sensors on the shock absorber or dampener is also a possibility.

This method is beneficial since it looks more discreet if attached in this manner. There are brands of smart tennis sensors that can work this way – the Qlipp and Courtmatics.

These kinds of smart tennis sensors are attached to your tennis rackets, similar to how you connect a vibration damper. By linking your sensors in this manner, it can withstand impact from the tennis balls.

Lastly, you can have a wearable smart tennis sensor. If you prefer to use multiple rackets, this method will be more convenient for you. Moreover, this will also solve some issues with the previous mounting styles.

For a wearable smart tennis sensor, the Babolat Pop can be your choice. However, they might not be currently available and strap wear-ability issues were reported by several players.

The Babolat pop costs around $90

Are smart tennis sensors accurate?

If you are wondering about the accuracy of a wearable tennis sensor, do not worry. As long as the tennis sensor is worn and mounted correctly, the information it will record will be accurate and consistent.

What is the average weight of a smart tennis sensor?

The average weight of smart tennis sensors is 8 grams or 0.29 oz!

What about the power source for smart tennis sensors? Different brands of smart tennis sensors come in different power sources.

Most of these can give you a rechargeable battery as their power source. This will be very convenient for you since you can easily charge them after your games.

How Much can a Smart Tennis Sensor Cost You?

There are certain brands of a smart tennis sensor which is more expensive than other. Furthermore, other than the price of the product, there are also differences in terms of their specs and data gathering mechanisms.

BrandPrice ($)Description
Head Tennis Sensor109This product has different modes and can perfectly fit the head of your racket
Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor60Can register real-time information and suitable for beginners.
Zepp Tennis 2214This can fit the lower end of the racket and track various performance parameters
Qlipp Tennis Sensor249Can analyze every tennis stroke and fits any tennis racket
Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer55Very easy to connect and can track much essential information
Table 1. summary of several smart tennis sensors that you might be interested in looking into (Source)
  • Coollang Tennis Racket Sensor

The Coollang Tennis Racket Sensor is a smart tennis sensor that can provide you with a breakdown of every tennis swing you made during your performance. Moreover, you can even see the exact place where you made ball contact. (More about it here)

In addition, this product can fit on any tennis racket. Therefore, you will not worry about having an ill-fitting sensor on your rackets.

  • Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer

Similar to the previous brand, the Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer can be mounted on the lower end of your tennis racket. This device can provide information directly to your mobile smartphone.

Also, the best feature of this sensor includes accurate information about ball speed, active time, calories burned, ball pin speed serve, and many more.

  • Head Tennis Sensor

The Head Tennis Sensor is a product of a large manufacturer of tennis equipment. This smart tennis sensor is unique with its multiple modes that you can use. You can have a play mode for recording and reviewing your shots.

  • Aero Play

The Aero play is also a sensor that directly reels the play information into your smartphones. Its edge is its cortex system for this sensor, which reduces bad vibrations in the racket. With this feature, you can experience an easier and smoother tennis game.

Smart tennis sensors have genuinely evolved and innovated. In the future, we might even have better specifications that can surely help us improve our plays.

These smart tennis sensors are capable of recording different kinds of data. The Zepp labs can give you all the possible data recordings. This includes a number of shots, ball impact location, type and speed of your swing, ball spin, and power.

In contrast, the Sony tennis sensor cannot record your power, and the Babolat Play cannot show you your swing speed.

What are The Benefits of Using Smart Tennis Sensors?

As a player, whether beginner, intermediate, or professional, the use of smart tennis sensors can be beneficial for you.

If you want to improve your performance, this device might be helpful to you. With its ability to track, record, and show you the stats of your tennis swings and shots, you can know where to improve on.

Firstly, any brand of smart tennis sensors can be your aid in utility. This product can provide you with play information, such as your power, spin, hit shots, shot types, spin types, and many others, you can know which aspects of the play you need to improve in. (Source)

Smart tennis sensors have been quite bulky for use, especially if attached to the tennis racket. The problem with this is that it can interfere with your plays. You can have difficulty in giving your best swings, strokes, and different techniques.

Basically, the main advantage of a smart tennis sensor is its ability to show you your metrics and analysis.

What about Their Drawbacks?

Of course, smart tennis sensors also have their own limitations. As mentioned earlier, some designs cater only to specific rackets or designs that are too bulky and interrupt your performance. These sensors can be troublesome since discomfort is a significant factor in interfering with your games.

Cost is also another drawback. Some players may find this quite expensive. Also, noting other tennis equipment expenses, squeezing the smart tennis sensors in your budget might be difficult. However, if you do not have a financial problem with this matter, then you can equip this device.

Also, some players would find it not helpful anymore after some time of using it. For professional or even intermediate players, you can eventually feel that the smart tennis sensor’s data might not be helping you anymore.

The main drawback of a smart tennis sensor is its cost and that it will not guarantee to make you a better player.

Since the smart tennis sensor can only give you feedback and compilation of data, it will not assure you on how you can be better.

These sensors cannot provide you a training plan or lessons on how you can improve yourself. It can merely show you the nitty-gritty details in your tennis shots and record them for you.

At the end of it all, the improvement in your performance will depend on how you train, your discipline, and your passion for the game.

Currently, we can see all sorts of smart tennis items that can help you in your gameplays. you might be interested in checking out. A ball-tracking gadget attached to the tennis net can help you if you want a device to know if your ball hits inside or outside.

This costs roughly at least $200. Or, you might want to check out the Pulse Play – a smartwatch that can help you record scores and be your digital game announcer. This device will cost you around $100. (Source)

In Conclusion

Technology has always helped us in all aspects of our lives. This includes sports. As lots of innovation flourish in our modern era, we need to utilize these as much as we can.

In brief, a smart tennis sensor is a device that can project and record your metrics during your tennis swings and shots. The average cost of smart tennis sensors is $138 and ranges from $89 to $249.The price depends on tracking ability and racquet compatibility

The fine line: Smart Tennis Sensors can help you avoid injury by perfecting your shot but not in the match strategy or planning

The smart tennis sensor will, of course, not guarantee your improvement. However, it can give you a good starting point on knowing what needs to be done. This can also help you get motivated to get better at the game because you can record and track your progress.

Hopefully, the future will give us better innovations on smart tennis sensors. Indeed, we want a device that is accurate, affordable, productive, and can have an impact on your tennis performance.

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