How much does a Portable Tennis net Cost? Tennis net costs, options and what to look for

Tennis being an Olympic sport is highly acknowledged and played in the entire world, both professionally and leisurely by almost every person; be it kids, adults, or aged people. On a tennis court, a major component for playing is the Tennis Net. The tennis net differentiates the boundaries of the play area between the two players, providing them with their own boundaries and hence having a potable tennis net on a budget is essential for playing anywhere.

So, how much does a portable tennis net cost? The average cost of a portable tennis net is $72 while ranging between $43 to $140. The cost of a portable tennis net depends on the brand, height, net material, and post design, portability, recommended age group level, player level, and if it is multi-use with other sports.

To help you choose a perfect tennis net and keep it exactly in your budget, the list of brands and their prices were pulled to get the conclusion made above.

Portable Tennis Net BrandPrices
Wilson EZ 18′ Portable Tennis Net (10 ft – 18 ft)$71-$140
Boulder Portable Net$50
Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Net for Driveway Kids (10 ft -18 ft)$50 – $65
AMA SPORT Portable Pickleball Net$120
CeleMoon Portable Foldable Tennis Net$43
List of portable tennis net and their price

The tennis net is an essential component of this sport and comes in a variety. The ones for leisure and holiday activity have to be easy to set up and with decent quality to be easily carried from one place to another. As for the tournament and sports, tennis net, it has to be of superior quality to avoid any mishaps in the middle of the game

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Cost of a Tennis net

Tennis net cost varies with the product brand and specifications. The more useful and reliable features the net offers, the more costly it would likely be.

When we talk about buying a suitable tennis net for you, we generally start with acknowledging your interest. If the person is not a professional tennis player and is buying a net for his backyard, then there ought to be no need for him to buy an expensive tennis net. If we talk about professional organizers or serious players, then they should buy a good and durable tennis net so that they can play the game without worrying about the net.

Looking forward to the costs of the tennis nets, there are different brands along with their specifications, and durability as discussed underneath in detail.

Types of tennis net

Tennis nets are of various types depending on their size, structure, material uses, and court structure. When talking about the structure and appearance, the tennis net comes in two forms, one being the single braided structure, and the other comes in double-braided structure.

The braided nets are more reliable than the twisted nets.

Single braided tennis net
Double braided tennis net

Braided nets are usually perfect as they do not throw a ball far away and absorb most of the energy. Among the two, double braided are much admired and recommended especially for the tournaments.

Tennis net of approx. 3.5mm thickness would be suitable and perfect fit to leave up all year round.

Material and quality of tennis net

Tennis net is made up of yarn which is either solid core yarn or non-core yarn in the braided net form that could be nylon, polyester, or canvas material, along with vinyl-coated steel cable that gives the ultimate strength.

-Solid core yarn is mostly used due to its higher strength, good appearance, and durability.

Outdoor and indoor tennis nets

Tennis nets are designed mostly in a way to be easily used in the outdoor as well as indoor courts. The ones being used in the outdoor tennis has to be considerably expensive, of superior quality and of course, it’s material should we weather resistant than the one being used indoor.

Kids’ tennis nets

Portable mini tennis nets with a feature; enabling adjustments in height are available at a cheap rate for the kids to fulfill their desire and so enable them to enjoy to their fullest with no harm factors. Aoneky Mini is the perfect buy for the kids at a low cost.

Weight and height adjustment of tennis net

Tennis net comes in various weights, sizes, and heights, based on the specific brands’ specifications. Again depending on the buyer, whether he/she is buying for professional tennis matches or for their backyard as a hobby.

  • The Approximate weight of a good tennis net is 5kg or 11lbs.
  • The approximate height of a tennis net is 3.5ft.

Straps, headbands and anchors of tennis

The headbands come in 3 types, nylon, polyester, and canvas, depending on the appearance of the netting material already used. Anchors and straps, i.e., the center strap ground socket, are all designed to be corrosion-free and of high-quality material that can withstand all conditions.

The average cost of tennis net straps, headbands, and anchors is $20 and ranges in the price of $ 10-30 USD.

Tennis net headband
Tennis net center strap

Talking about the brands of tennis net, the popular ones are listed below:

42ft Vermont DT Championship Tennis net

The Vermont DT tennis net

It is probably the best tennis net and the top-ranked brand in the tennis industry. It is specifically designed for the tournaments as it has the ability to withstand intense weather conditions and heavy barrages of tennis balls:

  • Iconic and authentic
  • 42ft long
  • Doubles nets thickness in ranges- 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm and 2mm.
  • UV stabilized braided twin
  • A bit expensive

Vermont DT Championship Tennis net

Vermont DT Championship tennis net
  • 3.6mm polyethylene braided net, probably thinner
  • No warranty offered by the company
  • And somehow it does not satisfy the big matches, although if one wants to buy for his hobby passion, then this is the best fit, and is in affordable price range.

Aoneky Mini Tennis net

The Aoneky mini tennis net
  • Perfect for vacations
  • Light weight
  • 33ft height
  • Not preferable for windy weather
  • Cheaper cost

Bownet portable Tennis net

The Bownet portable tennis net
  • Could be used in schools for the purpose of educating
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Can be adjusted quickly
  • Neither too expensive nor too cheap

Edwards 40 LS Tennis net

Edwards 40 LS tennis net
  • A perfect buy for professional use
  • Double netting with a center strap
  • Strong polyester headband
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Pretty expensive

Gamma tuff Tennis net

Gamma tuff tennis net
  • Double netting in the front 6 rows, giving impressive look
  • Can be customized and headband options are available
  • Expensive, as it is durable and high quality net for professional use.

Har-Tru Revolution Tennis net

Har-Tru Revolution tennis net
  • Basically designed for clay courts
  • Have headband options and is perfectly made with tapered bottoms
  • Heavy and hard to handle.

Tourna delux Tennis Net

Tourna delux Tennis Net
  • Reliable for professional use
  • Headbands of superior quality
  • Double netting in top 7 rows that handles all weather disasters
  • Expensive with less warranty

Cost of Tennis nets

The average cost of a tennis net is $186 as listed below.

  Tennis net brands    Cost range
Vermont DT Championship$175
MacGregor Super Pro 5000$112
Aoneky mini$49
Bownet portable$275
Edward 30 LS$195
Edward 40 LS$319
Gamma Tuff$179
Har-Tru Revolution$275
Tourna delux  $95
The average cost of a tennis net

The cost ranges have been collected from various online selling stores and may vary with the height, quality, and durability of the tennis net.

Use of tennis net in other sports

The tennis net can be effectively used in other sports such as volleyball, soccer tennis, and badminton, and pickleball.

Durability and reliability of tennis net

A tennis net’s durability is very much recognized just by touching the net and analyzing the anchors, headbands, and straps used in the making of it. If all these components tend to look good, bear strength in them, have double netting in the first few rows, then that is a perfect buy for the professional as well as for personal use.

Maintenance of tennis net

Tennis net maintenance is another skill that needs to be taken into account. If this is not administered properly, it might be a waste of money and effort.

A mild detergent and warm water may do wonders in cleaning the net and keeping its look healthy and maintained.


Portable tennis nets are very useful in enlightening one’s vacation or short trips, as they are portable and come in a variety of sizes and brands as per customers’ wishes. Likewise, tennis nets of superior quality are available for professional players and for the specifically designed courtrooms that make it easier for the buyer to choose, as per his/her court requirements.

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