How Much does Tennis Ball Machines Cost ? New, used and how to pick one

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Imagine craving a game of tennis, sadly, there is no one to play with you. It can look like a dead-end situation, this should not be the case, and some machines can satisfy this urge. These machines come at different sizes and prices and are available for purchase. The best Tennis ball machine to choose from will be one that suits your budget and gaming needs.

So, how much does a tennis ball machine cost? The average cost of a tennis ball machine is $ 1,815 while ranging from $299 to $5,500. Different brands produce different models of these machines and are priced differently depending on their features and specializations such as height, sway and spin, and operating style.

As listed in below table, the average price for tennis ball machine for each player level:

  • Average price of tennis ball machine for beginner level player is $ 1,270.
  • Average price of tennis ball machine for intermediate level player is $ 1,926.
  • Average price of tennis ball machine for advanced level player is $ 3,946.
Brand of Tennis Ball MachinePlayers LevelPrice($)
Tennis Cube Beginner $689
Elite TwoBeginner $1,419
Elite ThreeBeginner $I,669
Elite FreedomBeginner $839
Playmate iGenieBeginner $535
Edge Lite and Lite-RBeginner $799-949
Elite ThreeBeginner $1,669
Spinshot LiteBeginner $699-799
Tennis TwistBeginner$299
Tennis TowerBeginner$1,475-2,225
Spinshot ProBeginner$1,349-1449
Edge StartBeginner$1,199-1,089
Lobster Phenom 2Beginner$3,149
Elite LibertyBeginner $949
Lobstar PhenomBeginner $3,149
Edge SportBeginner $949-1,049
Wilson PortableIntermediate $1,295
Spinshot PlayerIntermediate $1,679- 1,879
Elite Grand 5Intermediate $2,299
Scoop Series RivalIntermediate $1,399-1,549
Tennis Tutor PlusIntermediate $1,449
Shotmaker MiniIntermediate $2,495-3,395
Tennis Tutor Plus PlayerIntermediate $1,899
Tennis Tower IOIntermediate $2,495-3,395
Scoop Series QuestIntermediate $1,699-2,099
Elite Grand FourIntermediate $1,999
Spinshot Plus-2Intermediate $1899-2099
Spinshot Plus Intermediate $1,575-1,675
Shotmaker MiniIntermediate $2,495-3,395
Elite Grand 5LEIntermediate $2,599
Tennis TutorIntermediate$1,238
Elite Grand FiveIntermediate$2,299
Scoop Series Smart Advanced $1,949-2549
Playmate iSmashAdvanced $5,495
Playmate AceAdvanced$4,395
Tennis ball machines price

Investing in a tennis ball machine is a wise choice as it allows a player to have a constant practice which will increase his expertise on the game, it is a great form of exercise and can be enjoyed alone without relying on anyone, the good news is that the machine can be programmed to suit any skill set and allows room for improvement through constant play. The game is also fun and worth trying out.

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What are the Features of a Good Tennis Ball Machine ?

A tennis machine features must cater to your needs and level

Finding a machine that can do the job of a human is hard enough, special consideration needs to be put into the features and ability of these machines, before deciding on which to purchase. Some of these features are:

SizeTennis ball machine comes in a variety of sizes, tailored to suit different ages and height of the players.

The ability to store the balls should also be considered. A larger machine will accommodate more balls and vice versa.

Thrust The act of moving something forward forcefully is known as thrust, this is what the tennis ball machine does, it propels the ball forward to the player, and different brands have different thrust strength and directions.

SwaySome machines can shoot the balls in diverse directions, others may not. It would be great to buy a machine that suits your swinging style and what you want to practice for. 

Operating StyleWhile some tennis ball machines make use of batteries to power them, others use electricity and would need to be connected directly to a source of power.

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive?

While it is true that tennis machine balls are quite expensive when compared to other machines that perform a similar gaming function. A manufacturer of these machines has stressed that even though the cost of manufacturing these machines and the labor that they put into production is high, a major factor that influences the price is the demand for the product. Profit-making might is the desire of every capitalist, manufacturers of tennis ball machines are not different from others. This may explain the high cost of the machines.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Price of a Tennis Ball Machine?

A myriad of factors affects the prices that manufacturers set for a particular good. For the ball machines, the height of the machine is important, the ball speed, that is the rate at which the machine can shoot out the ball to the player at a given time per hour, the ball holding and storage capacity of the machine, a larger machine will hold more balls and the spin capacity of the machine, while some machines can only shoot in one direction, others can shoot in diverse directions at great speed making them more versatile and fun for the player.

What is the Average Cost of a Used Tennis Machine?

The price of a used tennis machine is $1,000 with its present condition is an important factor in the price. But it is not a bad option if you desire a ball machine and do not want to spend so much on purchasing a new one.

For a used machine that is in good condition, it can perform the same functions as the new one and also save some cash for the player. The price difference is not much, just about a few dollars. To get a good deal and warranty coverage on a used tennis machine, it is advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer through their website or in their office.

Tennis Machine Model  Price ($)
Tennis Twist$249
Tennis Cube$569
Tennis Tutor Prolite$749
Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus$899
Wilson Portable$1,095
Tennis Tutor$999
Tennis Tutor Plus$1,199
Tennis Tutor Plus Player$1,599
Tennis Tower 10 Standard$1,995
The average cost of used tennis machines

Tips for Getting a Good Used Machine

So you have made up your mind to buy a used machine, but you need a good deal. There are ways to make sure that you make a good purchase. One is to be a good negotiator, do not hold back on this, as this will save you some extra cash.

It will also be a great idea to purchase the machine locally as this will eliminate shipping cost considering the weight of the machine. You may also want to go for trusted brands. To ensure you are getting value for your money, it is safer to buy from brands that are popular for their quality. Reviews and testimonies can help with this knowledge. I know that tennis ball machines can be quite pricey, but never buy one on credit. It is wiser to save up for the purchase or just buy a more affordable model.

How Can a Tennis Ball Machine Make Me a Better Player?

How to improve with a tennis ball machine ?

The raging debate on if using a machine to practice can improve the quality of play of a player when he eventually confronts real players on the pitch.

A good tennis ball machine can increase the stamina and perseverance of the player, this training can make the player better at this game.

The tennis ball machine is also consistent with serving the ball at a regular pace and time. If a player can keep at this pace, he can greatly increase his gaming ability. A common adage says, practice makes perfect, the tennis machine if powered adequately can be used for a long period. A player can practice whenever and however he desires without the limitation of looking for a partner. With this constant practice, a player can improve his skills.

How Can I Have a Better Game with a Tennis Machine

To get better at anything, you need to set goals on what you want to achieve and put in the necessary work towards achieving this.

To get the best of the Tennis ball machine, a player needs focus. Ideally, the machine shoots the ball from the middle, the player can change, by installing the machine at different angles at the right or left-hand side of the playground, to enable the player to have better play from all angles.      

Overall, a tennis ball machine helps a player especially a beginner master the fundamentals of the game in cases where hiring a coach or finding a patient partner may pose a challenge to learning this skill.

If you carefully consider the advantages of owning this device, the cost of acquiring one may not pose a challenge. As I stated earlier, different brands of manufacturers have different models of the machine ball. The wise thing to do will be to look for a model that suits your budget and skill level and begin to enjoy the many advantages of owning your tennis ball machine.

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