How Much Should Tennis Shoes Weigh And Cost?

Picking tennis shoes can be one of the more exciting moments for any tennis player. It’s not just the style that matters, but players look to buy shoes that are comfortable enough to give them an edge during a match.

But how much should Tennies shoe Weigh? The average weight of tennis shoes, for men, is 13.15 ounces. Whereas, for women, the shoes weigh slightly less, at 11Oz and 8.6 Oz for Kids.

The question still stands though, how much do tennis shoes cost? A pair of tennis shoes can cost you an average of $100 with the overall price ranging from $70 to $140.

The table below summarizes compiled and used to deliver the above conclusion.

ItemAverage Price ($)Price Range ($)Average Weight (Oz)
Men’s Tennis Shoes$11085-14013.15
Women’s Tennis Shoes$9770-14011
Kid’s Tennis Shoes$5238-708.6
Weight and cost of tennis shoes

Men’s Tennis shoe average weight and price:

Sr.Shoe BrandAverage Weight (Oz – g)Average Cost ($)
1 Yonex Sonicage 2 Mens Tennis Shoe 11.2 – 318105
2Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Clay12.3 – 349125
3Lotto Mirage 100 Speed12.6 – 35790
4Babolat Propulse Blast All Court13.3 – 37790
5adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Clay13.6 – 386130
6Adidas Defiant Generation Men’s Tennis Shoe14.2 – 40385
7Yonex Eclipsion 3 Men’s Clay14.9 – 422139
Average 13.15 – 373110
Average Tennis shoes for men weigh 373 g and cost $ 110

Women’s Tennis Shoe average weight and price:

SrShoe BrandAverage Weight (Oz – g)Average Cost ($)
1Babolat Jet Mach II Clay9.5 – 26990
2Asics Solution Speed FF10.1 – 28690
3Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 Clay10.3 – 29290
4K Swiss Hypercourt Supreme10.9 – 30975
5Asics Solution Speed FF 210.9 – 309120
6K Swiss Hypercourt Express 211.3 – 320100
7adidas Stella Court11.5 – 326140
8Adidas Sole Match Bounce13.7 – 38870
Average11 – 31297
Average tennis shoes for women weigh 312g and cost $97

Kids (Boys and Girls) Tennis shoe average weight is around 8.6oz (244g). The prices range as tabulated below

Sr, Shoe Brand Average Cost ($)
1Wilson Kaos 2.0 Junior Tennis Shoe38
2Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Junior Tennis Shoe40
3New Balance 696v4 Junior Tennis Shoe50
4K Swiss Bigshot Light 4 Junior Tennis Shoe55
5Babolat Propulse All Court Junior Tennis Shoe60
6Asics Junior Gel Resolution 8 GS Tennis Shoe70
Average tennis shoes for kids cost $52

Hint: You can also use tennis shoes for paddle tennis.

Tennis Shoes: What’s The Fuss About?

Standard Tennis Shoes by Yonex

Tennis shoes, also known as sneakers, are one of the key components of the game. As weird as it sounds, international tennis stars spend countless hours and huge sums of money just to have their shoes designed! But why is that so? The logic is pretty simple; in tennis, you’re only as good as your foot movement.

Consequently, you won’t be able to move freely unless you have good foundational support from below. Meaning, without a good pair of shoes, you can expect to face a lot of difficulty on the court with the fear of suffering from an injury as well.

At this point, you must be wondering, what are the things we need to consider when buying tennis shoes? Well, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to think of. So much so that most companies who sell these shoes have actually categorized their products according to attributes such as comfortability, agility, and court surface.

Technically, there are over a dozen types of shoes are available in the market. Amongst them, we’ll be discussing some of the ones that are recommended for beginners and can be suited to most, if not all environments.

1. Lacing Shoes

As the name describes itself, lacing shoes are standard versions that are easily available in the local sports market. The reason why they’re popular amongst tennis players is that they have a good grip and provide adequate comfort for the feet.

By adjusting the laces, you can tighten the grip of the shoes for better movement. Added to that, they’re durable as well. This means you won’t be needing to replace these shoes for a long time. Thus, the money you spent will definitely be worth it.

2. Shoes With Dense Soles

The soles attached at the bottom of the shoe play a major role when it comes to performance and fitness. The soles evidently provide comfort which, thereby, helps the player to make quick and effective jumps during the match.

At the same time, the extra thickness of the sole prevents players from suffering an injury. This is something that you may have experienced as well.

If you’ve ever worn regular shoes and went for an intense jog, you’ll notice how the friction between your foot and the sole damages the skin. If the upper layer of your skin is peeled off, your feet may become sensitive before you begin to feel a burning sensation.

The soles are specifically designed for comfort and to give you that extra boost while jumping or running forward.

3. Lightweight Shoes

These shoes compromise on comfort to provide you with agility. This implies that anyone who wears these shoes during a match will feel lighter and be able to move faster as a result.

The material used is relatively lighter as the product has thinner souls and space between the area. However, depending upon the player’s ability, these shoes can work really well to outrun the opponent.

4. White Shoes

This is one of the oldest types of pair available. The classic white shoes offer comfort and balance to the player’s delight.

They’re not exactly lightweight. However, they’re able to give you that grip you need to land steadily on your feet after you whack the tennis ball to your opponent’s side.

White-colored shoes are the most commonly worn shoes by tennis players. This is because their built sort of creates a balance between all three elements: agility, stability, and comfort. Rather than focusing on one feature, these shoes’ slight boosts on equal terms.

Do I Need Different Tennis Shoes For Each Court?

Basic Tennis Equipment

The answer can be both yes or no, depending upon your experience and budget. There is no one pair of best tennis shoes that will give you an edge on all surfaces.

That’s precisely the reason why international tennis stars customize their shoes according to the type of surface they’ll be playing on.

To take an example, the best type of tennis shoes on a hard court would be the ones that have shock absorption abilities. Since the surface itself is rigid and dry, shoes with dense soles are seemingly a better fit.

On the contrary, clay courts provide a soft and slow surface where movement can be slow. In such conditions, players can choose to equip themselves with lightweight shoes to provide them with that extra hints of speed.

However, these customizations don’t necessarily imply for beginners. The effectiveness of tennis shoes is relatively minute when compared to your own skills and abilities.

The type of boost that tennis shoes provide isn’t what you should be looking for at an amateur level. Plus, considering how much each pair of shoes cost, it wouldn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars unless you have extra stacks of cash lying around!

The Cost of Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes for men and women are generally expensive. They cost more than regular shoes but, at the same time, are more durable as well.

Tennis shoes for men roughly cost around $70 on average. The added cost is because of the materials and design patterns that have been applied to make these shoes accommodate the intense foot movement.

Regardless of the category, each shoe has four components: lateral support, outrigger, toe guard, and outsoles.

The lateral support prevents your ankle from twisting while you move around the court. It supports the middle region of your feet by securing its sides. The outrigger is an extension of the lateral support that covers the frontal area of your feet.

This is primarily to provide stability to your movement, especially if you attempt to make any vertical movements by jumping or diving.

Toe guards and outsoles are used for protection. While the toe guard helps to secure your toes from enduring pain and injuries, the outsoles are used to prevent collateral damage to your heels from the friction produced.

The outsoles also work as a mechanism to transfer your body’s energy from the heels to the ankles, providing you support as you accelerate towards the ball.

When combined with the other components, the shoes create the perfect balance you’ll need to enjoy a game of tennis.

Inequality In Cost

There have been several debates over the issue of the pricing of tennis shoes. The debate has mainly stemmed from the fact as to how tennis shoes for women cost more than their male counterparts.

Tennis shoe brands generically sell female athletic shoes for an average price of $85. While, on the other end, the tennis federation has also been criticized for paying lower salaries to female athletes who are of the same skill as their male colleagues.

Conclusion & Tips

Equipment Can Only Help Once You’ve Mastered The Basics Of Tennis!

In an overall sense, tennis shoes are definitely something you should look into before buying. The types of features they behold are distinct to each category.

Besides the style, you should be focusing on comfortability and stability before anything else. Other aspects such as speed or acceleration are secondary as they only apply once you’re able to grasp the basics of tennis movement.

Whatever the case, tennis is all about having fun and that’s what the shoes contribute to. Ideally, your objective should be to enjoy your time by wearing equipment that suits your own needs while playing this wonderful sport!

For more information, please feel free to visit our website where we discuss other tips and FAQs relevant to tennis for beginners.

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