How Much Does A Pro Tennis Racquet Cost? How to get one on a budget !

What are the actual costs of pro tennis racquet? Is it worth it ?

Racquets are essential in tennis, whether in amateur games or professional plays. One particular kind of these racquets would be the high-end tennis racquets.

The high-end tennis racquet or Pro Stock is well-made primarily for professional players. These racquets are sometimes one of a kind as they are customized specifically to the player they are made for.

So, how much would these pro tennis racquets cost? The average pro tennis racquet cost is $150 while ranging from $100 to $400. The cost of pro tennis racquet depends on the customization, weight balancing, handle customization and the quality of materials used.

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What is a High-Quality Tennis Racquet?

Professional players have a special kind of tennis racquet that is suited for competitive training and competition. This kind of high-quality tennis racquet is often referred to as Pro Stock racquets.

Pro tennis racquets hair pin are the same as retail racquets ! Difference is in the stringing, weight and and Handle grip which are customized after production to a specific player needs.

* Hair pin is just the racquet in raw form”

A Pro Stock tennis racquet “Skeleton” or hairpin as described in the industry is similar to a blank paper when compared to retail racquets. This is because the manufacturers tailor-fit each Pro Stock tennis racquet by having modified handles and designs. This is made for a player’s preferred weight and balance.

For instance, the Pro Stock weighs more than the retail racquets. In addition, the Pro Stock can improve use for professional players with its superb balance, swing weight, and ergonomic stiffness, and string pattern. All of these specifications match a specific player.

In general, Pro Stock is a high-quality tennis racquet made for professionals. This may seem like an outstanding advantage for professional players, but it is not so in reality. Professional tennis players give their best in terms of talent, discipline, and technique by devoting many hours of practice.

Factors affecting the pro tennis racquet specifications and cost

Tennis racquet specificationEffect
Head SizeSize increase for more power – Suitable for power shots with slower swings/
Racquet head size range is from 85 to 116+ Sq.In.
String PatternOpen string or close string pattern, An open string allows more deflection and control. Main risk is that open patters wear out faster.
WeightDepends on the head size, string material and pattern and grip specifications.
String weightType and weight affects the overall performance and control. This is customized to the player needs and playing style.
StiffnessAffects power, control and comfort. More stiffness results in less energy less to the ball. Frame stiffness ranges from 63 and 68.
Possible specifications for customization

What is the Average Price of High-End Tennis Racquet?

Since we have not identified what a high-end tennis racquet is, you must be wondering how much these would cost you. The prices of high-end tennis racquets are pretty broad. You can get a decent professional tennis racquet for an average of $150 to $400. In contrast, some of the most expensive ones sold in the world would cost you even up to $700! The stark differences in the prices are a reflection of its manufacturing specs and fine-tuning for players.

Since you might be interested in seeing various kinds of these racquets, let us explore some high-end tennis racquets and how they would compare in terms of price and other specs. Here are five brands of expensive tennis racquets.

Bosworth Tour 96 Racquets

Bosworth Tour 96 has a very sturdy design and grip. This would cost you $400 and would be quite a great deal! These are also tailored to fit your desired needs as a player. This racquet is very popular with its 10-sided head design which is easily recognizable in the tennis industry. With the performance of the Bosworth Tour 96 racquets, it will give you an upper hand especially in the competitive arena.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Racquets

The price of this racquet would be around $400 at most. This one is very lightweight and has a graphite-aramid frame for extra sturdiness. This racquet has a sleek black design and can is designed to be used by intermediate and advanced players. An advantage of this racquet is its balance and good control which can surely help players in competitive and professional plays.

Yonex Astrel 105 Racket

For a decent value of approximately $250, you can get a racquet both for amateur and professional plays. The Yonex Astrel 105 racquet is dubbed as one of the best tennis racquets. In addition, this racquet have a reinforced rubber grip and quake shut gel which can stabilize your hands for the power play.

Here is a table we compiled for some of the high-end tennis racquets and their corresponding price tags:

Racquet Brand and ModelPrice
Dunlop Srixon Revo CX$225
Babolat Pure Aero La Decima French Open$230
Head MxG 5$240
Yonex Astrel 105$250
Wilson Blade SW104$250
Boris Becker World Champion L3 1995 Racquet$250-$500
High-quality tennis racquets and their corresponding price

Given all these examples of high-end tennis racquets, you might want to know who is qualified to use them. The simple answer to this would be anyone! There are no restrictions for their use as long as you are capable of affording them!

Although, it is good to know that some mainstream tennis racquet brands sponsor some professional players. Brands such as Head, Wilson, or Dunlop manufacture high-end tennis racquets, especially for top players. Actually, it is known that a new set of tennis racquets are made for them at three or four-month intervals!

Other worthy mentions

Proximus Diamond Game Prize

This racquet has a jaw-dropping price of 1.3 million dollars! This fantastic and expensive racquet is actually composed of pure gold and 1,700 real diamond studs. This is a four-kilogram racquet that can be obtained by players who win three Diamond Games Racket tournaments! Despite its unique and expensive novelties, this racquet is only given as a prize in the said tournament and you cannot buy it as a tennis racquet for sale.

Chanel Racquet

The Chanel Racquet costs $1,800. This is its price without any customizations. The Chanel racquet is also within the most expensive racquets. Notably, there is a Chanel logo printed on its string mesh. It can be purchased by anyone who can afford it.

How to get a pro tennis racquet on a budget?

The answer is pretty simple, buy older models. Tennis racquet technology has not greatly changed in the past two decades. Buying a pro tennis racquet that is a few years old for fraction of the price is the best deal you can get.

Buy a tennis racquet that is good FOR you, not just any good racquet.

Interesting Information:

  • Many professional tennis players use old racquets, which they are accustomed to, and the sponsor/ marketing team just gets it painted to update its looks and match it with that of the latest models.
  • Roger federer is the only professional tennis player that plays with the model he advertises, however, there are still some modifications/ updates done to it to suite his needs.

What is the Average Life Span of Pro Tennis Racquets?

A professional tennis racquet does not last forever. Normally, the wear and tear from every game that it is used in causes it to degrade and compromise playability. For professional tennis players, there might be some difficulties in playing with a worn-out racquet.

Professional tennis players know when their racquets need additional customization or replacement of the unit. If a player uses one pro stock racquet five times a week, it may only last him as little as two years. In contrast, players who only use a racquet once a week may maintain its use for up to six years.

Even if we know this span, there is no one formula in knowing when to replace yours. The frame of a tennis racquet can survive varying amounts of time. Generally, a pro tennis racquets can last for a minimum of two years before you start to feel a difference in using them in your tennis games. Note, however, that aggressive players may need to replace their racquet a lot more often.


A simple way to know if you need to customize or change your tennis racquet is if you start to notice changes in its playability. It would always be good to have a new frame with you to know how a new one feels in contrast to an old frame you are using.

How Can You Maintain Your Tennis Racquets?

Indeed, you will now be ready to know the maintenance of your tennis racquets. One of the best ways to have a good quality tennis racquet for an extended period of time is to have the correct methods of keeping it.

One common problem encountered with the playability of racquets would be worn-out strings. First, know that you can restring your tennis racquets. At least, it would be best if you restrung your racquets twice per year. The nylon strings of your racquets typically wore out with 20 to 30 hours of playtime. Therefore, you should want to restring them before they break on you.

If you typically do not have problems with breaking your strings, you can try thinner strings which are the 17 or 18 gauge. With thinner strings, you can benefit from their resilience and spin potential.

  1. Another good tip for tennis racquet maintenance would be storing it away from hot places.
  2. Avoid storing your racquets on car trunks or rooms with direct sunlight. It sounds simple, but this tip can help you prevent tension loss and lengthens the string life of your racquets. Hence,
  3. When you are playing on the court or waiting for your turn to play, do not leave your racquet under the heat. The sunlight and its UV rays can also harm your racquet’s strings. So, always keep your racquets covered in their bags or cases. Furthermore, please keep them in the shade with you.
  4. Parallel to the previous tip, temperatures that are too cold can also be harmful to your racquet’s strings. Very cold temperatures can make your strings brittle and less resilient.
  5. If you notice any wear and tear, any discolorations and loss of thickness in your grip, it is a sign that you should replace. Generally, the base grips (the one coming with racquet) should be replaced every 2-12 months while over grips is between 2-40 Hours of play (depends on material and your play style).

In Conclusion

The average price is The average pro tennis racquet cost is $150 while ranging from $100 to $400. We always recommend that you spend some time on trying racquets and knowing how each specification affects your game play before buying a more expensive racquet.

TIP: There is no tangible difference between this year and the last tennis racquet model. The best way on a to save money pro tennis racquet is to buy on older model and as usual, check the strings and grip.

Professional tennis players usually receive the tennis racquet without any strings or handles so that they can customize the racquet according to their playing style. Therefore, do not compare your racquet to the one used only by them and for suiting their needs.

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