What Is The Actual Cost Of Playing Wheelchair Tennis? Budgeting Tips!

Wheelchair tennis is a great sport that helps physically challenged people benefit from the advantages of engaging in sports. It is worthy to note that the wheelchair that is used to play the game is different from the regular wheelchair; this is so because it is designed to help players move and enjoy a meaningful game.

A major concern that arises is the cost of purchasing the wheelchair and the equipment that is used to play this game. 

So, how much does wheelchair tennis cost? The average cost of a new quad wheelchair for tennis is $ 2,200 while ranging from $1,900 to $3,250. This greatly depends on the materials used, portability, agility, control, and most importantly, its weight and aerodynamics.

Here is the table of some of the information we compiled to come up with the above conclusion comparing Tennis wheelchair costs:

Name of WheelchairPrice ($)
 Quickie Titanium All Court  Wheelchair$2,845.00
Quickie Match Point Tennis Wheelchair$1,995.00
Quickie GP/GPV Sports Wheelchair$1, 231.75
Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair$2,550.00
Quickie Titanum  Match Point Tennis Wheelchair$2,845.00
Quickie All Court Sports Wheelchair$1,995.00
Comparing tennis wheelchair prices

Most of these are designed to allow for the seat and head adjustment to have back upholstery and overall comfortable. However, the most important aspect to check for is whether the wheelchair has a mechanism for adjusting the center of mass.

You will find here in these amazon links a few options for tennis and sports wheelchair and other accessories such as leg rests and supports that are useful.

Hint: You can find all the costs of wheelchair tennis accessories in Wheelchair Tennis Accessories Costs and How to get them on a budget !

Wheelchair tennis

For history and information on wheelchair tennis, read Wheelchair Tennis | A Guide To Redefine Disability and Quad Wheel Chair Tennis Eligibility and playing tennis on a Wheel chair

What is Quad Wheelchair Tennis?

Quad wheelchair tennis is a game that is played by people who have been medically certified to have permanently lost an arm and both legs and is unable to function optimally. This disability makes them rely on a wheelchair for their movement from one place to another.

The game has its special rules that must be strictly adhered to. Other than the common tennis equipment such as racquet and gear, players must also have a wheelchair suited for playing tennis. To learn more about quad wheelchair tennis Quad Wheel Chair Tennis Eligibility and playing tennis on a Wheel chair

What are the sporty features of a Tennis Wheelchair?

Tennis wheelchairs are made to be fast and oriented towards quick movement and turns. The major features you need to know and consider which effect’s the price of a tennis wheelchair are:

1- They are usually non-foldable. This is to increase the solidity

2- Stability control features. Such as lowering the chair’s center of gravity. While some chairs have systems for lowering the chair’s center of gravity, a player can control the balance and stability of the tennis wheelchair by adjusting the angle of the seat.

Seat Angle impacts

In addition, the seat height can also be adjusted either higher or lower for improving court view or for more stability and mobility.

3- Lightweight. Usually, the frames are made of Aluminum. RMA sport Tennis wheelchairs are made of lightweight steel.

4- Large Angled wheels. This helps in providing stability, especially with sharp turns. One or two castor wheels are also positioned at the front.

Tennis wheelchair size is also an important factor; smaller wheels offer faster acceleration while larger ones provide better momentum.

5- Compatibility with other accessories such as straps and belts.

To have a better understanding of the components and features, the below picture is extracted from a study on tennis heel chair movements:

Source of the above image (By Sports Biomechanics).

Tennis wheelchairs are not suitable for everyday use, although some people may prefer them because of their height.

Factors that Influence the Cost of a Tennis Wheelchair

Several factors influence how a wheelchair is priced. The model, brand, and year the chair was produced are taken into consideration. Technology has revolutionized the way these chairs are made, they now come with increased functions and are more stylish.

Features – The more features and accessories added, the higher the price will be. Other additional equipment and accessories usually used by wheelchair tennis athletes are:

  1. Chest and wait straps. These are used to improve stability and assist in leaning and quick movements without falling.
  2. Legs and foot straps. Also increases stability by assisting in maintaining the legs/ feet position on the chair and foot plate.
  3. Tapes.

The material used – The type of material used in producing the chair is very important in determining how much it will be sold. Some chairs are made from very durable materials, like steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon, rubber, plastic, and leather upholstery.

Fitting sessions – The more fitting sessions and adjustments to the chair, the higher the price. Therefore, make sure to include at least 2 fitting sessions in the price while purchasing one.

The average cost of tennis wheel chair equipment and accessories

This is a basic list to get you started

  1. Tennis Racquet – The racquet is one of the essentials of the tennis game. They are sold for a fairly good price. A fairly good racquet can be purchased at a price of $60. The used models are a lot cheaper.
  2. Tennis ball – They do not cost a lot but need to be purchased often. How much a player spends on a ball depends on his player and if he too contributes to the purchase. On average, 3 balls will cost $2 – $4.
  3. Tennis Clothes – For some people, any cloth can be worn during play, as long as they are comfortable, this should not be so, as there specific clothes suitable for practice and play for the quad tennis game.  The fabric should preferably be made from cotton material and should fit well. Shorts and T-shirts are great for this sport. On average, this can be purchased from $ 10 – $100 depending on the brand of the cloth.
  4. Tennis Tutor – If a player is interested in learning to play the quad tennis game, but do not know how to play the game or is interested in becoming a better player, then he will need to invest some money in a tutor. You may also enroll in tennis lessons. On average, this should cost about $50 or more.
  5. Straps – Straps are used for maintaining balance and support in movement. Average price is around $80.
  6. Wheel bags – Average price of wheelchair tennis wheel bags is around $115
  7. Tennis bags – Tennis bags are an absolute must if you desire ease in transporting your gaming equipment. They can be purchased at a very affordable rate. The size of the bag will determine how much load it can carry. The average price is around $45.   

We compiled the table below to list the average costs expected in wheelchair tennis. You should always take into account your condition and customizations preferred in order to get the exact price. The actual cost for wheelchair equipment and gear is $ 2,669. Tennis court costs and tutoring costs are running costs and are dependent on your skill level.

Wheelchair tennis main gear pricesPrice ($)
Tennis racquet60
Tennis wheelchair2,200
Straps (Optional mounts and zip ties price of $14 is not included)80
Wheel bags115
Tennis Racquet bags45
Tennis balls (3 balls – assuming you are buying it)3
Tennis clothes (depends on your preference)55
Tennis Towel 12
Tennis sunglasses99
Overall Total based on the average price
(Remember: Optional items and accessories affects the price)
The total actual cost of practicing wheelchair

Helpful tennis budgeting and playing TIPS:

1- Quad tennis wheelchair players can tape the racquet to their playing hand.

2- Always consider buying used tennis racquets, especially if they are in good condition. This allows you to perfect the racquet type suitable for you in terms of size and weight before purchasing a new one.

3- Buy Tennis balls in bulk – especially if you are committed to the game For more budgeting Tips: Wanna play tennis on a budget? We Got you!.


Before purchasing a tennis wheelchair, make sure to get the fittings right and according to your skill level and core function, purchase suitable accessories and supporting gear.

The total expected one time actual cost to play wheelchair tennis is around $2,700.

Taking that into consideration, and depending on your skill level and body condition, the cost might be higher or lower if you already have some of the accessories, clothes, or support to access Tennis courts with balls and racquets being made available.

While some of the items are quite pricey, the good news is that they can be purchased one at a time, till the player is ready with all his equipment.

Also consider buying used items for the racquets, wheel bags, and racquet bags. Just be sure that they are in a good condition and is purchased from a reputable store, they perform the same function as the new items and cost just a fraction of what the new equipment cost.   

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