What is the Average Cost of Paddle Tennis Gear?

Every sport requires one to have the right gear, and Paddle tennis is no exception. It would help if you had the right sportswear for your comfort and efficiency, and you also must have the right sports tools such as a paddle racket. If you are planning to venture into this sport, then you are in the right place.

So what is the average cost of paddle tennis gear? The average total cost of paddle tennis gear is $130. This excludes the cost of shoes and clothes as there is no exclusive gear for them, it is advised to wear what you are comfortable with.

In this article, we will provide a guide on the right Paddle tennis gear you should have and the average costs.

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How to choose a paddle tennis racket

The weight

 The weight of any sports equipment matters a lot because it will determine how efficient and comfortable you can use it. The most important thing in sports, such as paddle, is comfortability, especially when you play for long hours. Your weight determines the type of paddle tennis racket you will go for. According to research, most Paddle players are above 200 pounds (about 90 kgs), and they prefer heavy paddles because it allows them to generate more power when hitting. So, if you are above this weight, then consider buying a heavier racket.

The grip

The next thing to consider is your grip size which is determined by the length of your paddle. The standard grips are L6 and R3. If you have a small hand, it will be comfortable to go for the smaller size grip, including L4, L5, and R2.

String Tension

Another thing to consider when purchasing a paddle tennis racket is the tension of the strings. The basic rule that people follow is that you should go for a string tension which is half your weight, and it would be better if you purchase one with more than what you currently weigh. This rule applies to adults, but you should choose a racket with one-fourth of the kid’s weight when it comes to kids.

How much does Paddle Tennis Racket cost?

The price of a paddle tennis racket varies depending on the brand you purchase, the material used for making it, and its unique features. You should check out different online stores, which will give you a chance to compare prices before making any purchases. The average cost is between $50 and up to $200, depending on the listed factors.

Paddle tennis shoes

Do you need special shoes when playing paddle tennis?

Yes, you need to have a particular type of shoes because, as we know, paddle tennis requires players to move around the court, and your shoes must provide you with enough comfort and grip so as not to cause blisters.

What to look out for when buying paddle tennis shoes

The sports surface

The first thing to consider is the type of surface on which you will be playing, as you need to purchase shoes that are suitable for the surface. We all know that paddle tennis is played on surfaces like; concrete, grass, clay, and asphalt. If possible, try playing with your shoes on different surfaces to determine which ones are more comfortable.

Consider the inner material or lining of the shoes

 You need to make sure that it is durable and at the same time comfortable, especially around the toe area because it is where you will experience most pressure as a result of running. You also want to look out for any feature such as unique soles, molded or removable insoles, which can be beneficial in protecting blisters.

Paddle tennis clothing

What type of clothes should you wear while playing?

We all know that any sport has rules and regulations on the kind of clothes you are supposed to wear. Thus, it would help to make sure that your clothes allow you complete mobility to prevent injury when making sudden movements. For instance, you should avoid wearing bulky clothes. Most importantly, it would be better to avoid wearing short skirts if you are a woman because they will hinder your movements.

What to look out for when buying clothes

Select something that enables airflow so as not to get hot and sweaty, and also choose bright color clothing which makes it easy for you to be seen by your partner.

Paddle tennis accessories

Protective gloves

Can you wear standard gloves?

Not! You should wear special protective gloves to protect your palms. They are designed specifically for paddle tennis, so they have the necessary padding, especially around the palm area. If possible, purchase a pair made of breathable material to enable airflow through them, preventing the accumulation of sweat, leading to blisters.

The average cost for paddle tennis gloves

You should be able to purchase a pair of gloves for the relatively low price of $10. You can also get different deals if you buy them in bulk, which will depend on whichever store you choose to purchase from.

Ball holders

 You should place the ball in a unique holder when playing paddle tennis because the balls are extremely delicate and if they drop, they can become damaged, which will affect your game.

The average cost for paddle tennis ball holders

You should be able to purchase this for a relatively low price of $15.

Paddle grip tape

Don’t you ever use sandpaper when cleaning your racket? Well, this shows that you don’t understand the significance of paddle grip tape. It is mainly used to increase your grip on your racket, making it difficult to lose control during a game.

The average cost for paddle tennis grip tape

You should be able to purchase this for a relatively low price of $5. If you are struggling with money, it would be advisable that you seek cheap deals online.


During exercise, especially during racket games, your hands are likely to become sweaty, making it difficult to hold onto anything, let alone a racket. This means that you need a cheap and efficient solution which is a handgrip. It will enable you to get a firm grip on your racket, preventing any accidents from happening.

Where to buy paddle tennis gear

You can purchase paddle tennis gear from your local sports retailer, or you can also try checking out some online stores where most of them will offer wholesale deals for the public. You should compare prices from different stores before making a final purchase.

Last Words

Paddle tennis gear is essential if you want to be a professional player because it enables players to improve their skills. Some of the recommended paddle tennis gear are gloves, ball holders, grip tape, and hand grips that allow you to play better games without any dangerous accidents. You should find cheap deals online for all your paddle tennis gear needs.

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