What is the Average Price of a Tennis Racquet Bag, Other Bag Options, and What to Look For One on a Budget?

Tennis racquet bag

Tennis is a pricy sport with many accessories and supporting items. You need to spend your money wisely to get the best out of it. The most important thing to look for in a tennis racquet bag is functionality.

So, what is the average price of a tennis racquet bag? The average price of a tennis racquet bag is $58 while ranging from $19 to $80. The price of the tennis racquet bag depends on the size, quality of thermal insulation, availability of accessory pockets, and padding.

We compiled the below table to list the average price for a 3-tennis racquet bag. The prices for 8- racquet or 12- racquet bags will be higher by around 50% and 65% respectively.

3-Tennis racquet bag modelPrice
Himal 3$19
Wilson Advantage $20
Fitdom Black $25
Athletico 3 $30
Head Core 3R$40
Wilson  Federer DNA$60
Technifibre tour endurance 15$69
Babolat pure drive $75
Wilson clash duffel$75
Nike court advantage $78
Wilson super tour$80
Adidas tour tennis 12$80
Yonex team tennis $80
Dunlop Sports SX$80
Average Price$58
Average price for tennis racquet bag

There is no need at all to match the tennis racquet brand with the bag. You must always choose the racquet type that suits your playing style and needs and the bag should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

Features to look for in a tennis racquet bag

A tennis racquet bag comes in a variety of sizes, designs, and cost ranges. It totally depends on the needs of the player. If a player is just a club member and does not need to carry a lot of stuff, then a simple bag would be enough.

Comfort is essential and must be always prioritized. Your tennis racquet bag must always have:

  1. Pockets and storage areas. Mainly for tennis balls and your personal stuff such as your mobile phone and keys.
  2. Handles and padded shoulder straps.
  3. The fence hook is a plus.
  4. Waterproof polyester is usually the best option for the bag material.

Protection for the racquets is another important factor. We do not recommend excessive spending on items such as tennis bags, however, the one you have must have thermal insulation and padding. This is necessary to minimize weather effects on racquets and preventing scratches and dents.

Tennis racquet bag

Storage: A racquet bag with a bunch of pockets on the outside, to keep shoes in them or a spare string for restringing, and on the inside to keep wallet, cellphone or any other valuable item in it, is highly demanded by most of the players.

Protection: To minimize the risk of scratches and dents, the racquet is can be safely carried in the bag. For ensuring more protection, you may place the racquet in a plastic bag, which often comes with a new racquet, and then put it in the tennis bag. Whilst it is not necessary for practice racquets it increases protection if you are using an expensive racquet.

Durability: A bag should be durable, i.e. must be made up of a good quality material that could easily handle the weight of the racquets and other accessories.

Also, most bags are made up of waterproof material that protects the tennis gears in it from extreme weather conditions, which is mostly bought by those players that practice and play outdoors.

Focus on functionality and not the brand

Portability: It is an essential factor for the players who need to travel for their tournaments and need a ready tennis racquet bag all the time. Do not buy a racquet bag that fits 8 if you all need 1 or 3 racquets.

Go for the tennis racquet bag with zippockets.

A bag having all these features in it is a perfect buy.

The average size of a Tennis Racquet Bag

The average size of unzipped tennis racquet bags depends on the capacity required, and is summarized as follows:

  • The average size of a 3-Tennis racquet bag is L31″X H12″ X W4″ with an average price of $58.
  • The average size of a 6-Tennis racquet bag is L30″X H14″ X W8″ with an average price of $87.
  • The average size of an 8-12-Tennis racquet bag is L31.5″X H14″ X W14″ with an average price of $93.

How much load does a tennis racquet bag carry?

The maximum load a normal 3 racquet tennis bag can carry is 50 pounds which is around 22.5 Kg. We do not recommend constantly loading the bag to the maximum 50 pounds load as it will most likely result in faster wear and tear.

What about backpacks and shoulder-tote tennis bags?

A backpack is more than enough to carry a racquet and a bunch of tennis balls. Unfortunately, the size of the bag required to accommodate the racquet(s) will limit the usability of the bag. You may opt for a rucksack (a much bigger version of a backpack), but we would suggest getting a tennis racquet bag with zipped pockets instead. This will allow you to out your stuff without the hassle of carrying extra large backpacks.

Tennis racquet and back pack

Also, the average tennis backpack carries 1 to 2 tennis racquets and is slightly more expensive than the average tennis racquet bag.

The average price of a tennis backpack is $76. You might be able to find a few deals every now and then but as a rule of thumb, we do not suggest overspending on tennis racquet bags. Always go for the more functional option and cheaper choice.

As for tennis Totes, the average price is $120. Whilst the dimensions vary, you can easily find on measuring16″L x 6″W x 13.75″H.

The average price of a tennis tote is $120

You might find cheap tennis totes on Etsy store for an average price ranging from $30 to $65. However, return policy and warranties are not guaranteed. In general, Totes can be used for the beach, gym, and yoga. You may consider it if you tend to go to the beach a lot or enjoy other activities such as yoga and outdoor activities.

The expected life span of Tennis Racquet Bag

Expected lifetime of tennis racquet bag is 2 years

A tennis racquet bag may work for years, approximately 2 years, if kept safe and taken good care of. Those players that use bags too much with lots of traveling, might need to change them more frequently due to zippers and straps going faulty.

We always suggest not to buy the most expensive tennis racquet bag. Better pay this money in more “Worth it” items such as shoes and training sessions.

For more about tennis shoes and racquets, you may consider checking out High Quality Tennis Shoes on a budget and How much does a tennis racquets cost ? How to pick one a budget !

Tip: Try looking for older models for a better price

Final words

  1. Always choose the most functional option. Do not bother a lot about the brand or logo.
  2. The average price of a 3 racquet tennis bag is $ 58 while ranging from $19 to $80. This also depends on the quality of thermal insulation, availability of accessory pockets, and padding.
  3. The maximum weight a tennis racquet bag can withhold is 50 pounds which is around 22.5 KGs.
  4. The average life span of a tennis racquet bag is 2 years. However, it can stay for much longer if used with care.

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