What’s the difference between Paddle Tennis Ball and Tennis Ball?

The popularity of Paddle Tennis became so evident in various countries as it is considered one of the fastest-growing racquet sports around the world. In fact, this sport has rapidly grown as there are over 4,000 padel clubs and over 10 million players of the game for the last 25 years.

It is said that many people have been addicted to Paddle Tennis because of its simplicity, low cost, and uniqueness. Guaranteed also in this sports are social aspect and less physical movements. With that, players find this game interesting since it can be learned effortlessly, thus many have already been convinced that Paddle Tennis is actually the game of the future.

One of the questions always arising is what is the difference between a paddle tennis ball and a normal tennis ball? The main difference between paddle tennis balls and tennis ball is in pressure and material with Padel balls being 45% wool and having only 11psi while new tennis balls have 14psi pressure.

If a person becomes interested in joining this trend and he commits himself to learn some skills on playing Paddle Tennis, it is significant for him to understand some basic information regarding this sport. Provided below are the discussions which will certainly help those aspiring players of Paddle Tennis.

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What is the Difference Between a Padel Ball and a Tennis Ball?

Most of the starting players always ask themselves whether they can use padel ball in Tennis and vice versa. The truth is they can use either of these two, but the best recommendation is to use a tennis ball for Tennis, and padel balls for Padel.

It is evident that Tennis can be played either by singles or doubles, while Padel can only be played in doubles. It can also be observed that both games can be played inside an enclosed court. However, padel court is usually half the size of the tennis court.

When it comes to the ball, yellow and white are the only approved colors for Padel and Tennis. Many people won’t notice that these balls have actual differences from each other, specifically, padel balls have a little less pressure, which means it is smaller than the tennis ball.

New tennis balls have 14psi pressure, while padel balls got only 11psi. This means that players can only notice that padel balls are lighter than tennis balls once they have played both games.

They may look identical in appearance and size, but their lightweight while in the gameplay can be much noticeable.

How Much Wool Does Padel Ball Have?

Padel balls are typically pumped into a pressure that is higher compared to the air pressure outside. It is recommended that in order to achieve a high-quality padel ball, it should be made out of 45 percent (%) wool.

This made the balls easier to play with as it is lighter which will lead and foster a lower ball bouncing. Thus, it lets the player perform various shots which are relatively closer to the ground.

Is there a Difference in Materials?

Since tennis and padel balls look so identical in color, size, and physique, it is not surprising to know that the balls are both made from the same base materials whether it is the core or outer layer of the ball.

However, as discussed earlier, padel balls have more wool than tennis balls.

Is there a Difference in Cost?

When it comes to the cost of the product, it seems that tennis balls are more expensive than padel balls. In fact, tennis balls can usually be purchased at $20, while the starting price of padel balls only amounts to $10.

However, there are still good quality padel balls that can be bought in padel clubs. Some of the most recommended brands are Head Pro Balls, Babolat Padel +, and Adidas Speed RX.

Always consider the price of the ball, but also keep in mind that high-quality balls can actually lead to better gameplay.

Is there a Difference in Size and Weight?

Talking about sizes, it is said that padel balls are smaller than tennis balls as their size always ranges between 6.35 cm to 6.77 cm. Tennis balls, on the other hand, are usually between 6.54 cm to 6.89 cm.

These balls must comply with the requirements set by professionals, while most of the padel balls do not comply with the requirements. However, when it comes to weight, both can be measured between 56 grams to 59.4 grams.

Therefore, tennis balls and padel balls differ in size, but not in weight.

What are the Game Styles and Strategies?

The primary styles and techniques that players must learn in order to successfully enjoy Padel are service, return of service, right position on the court, offensive shots, a volley from the back, and drop shot. Service is considered the most important shot of the game since the player has full control over the shot. There are a variety of services and directions of service a player may learn.

The player must also learn how to return the service, it is significant to ensure that the shot will certainly return the ball to the server. For the position in the court, players must not be too close to the place where the ball usually bounces. Meanwhile, players must always be prepared to hit back into the opponent’s corner, this is called an offensive shot.

On the other hand, a volley from the back refers to a strategy where the player’s volley from the service line, preventing the ball to bounce back on the back wall. Lastly, a drop shot is also an important style to be practiced as this will help the player to effectively score in the game. In this case, players must always be reminded that drop shots can only be done against topspin shots.

Can Paddle and Tennis Balls be Used Interchangeably?

Many have recommended and advised beginners not to use tennis balls in Padel and vice versa. This is due to the fact that although they look the same, Tennis and Padel are actually different sports, thus, both require different balls.

Since the main difference between these balls is their pressure when they are newly purchased, it is not advisable to use tennis balls for Padel because this sport is a soft game. This means that players must not use these balls interchangeably since both are made for their unique purposes.

What is its Lifespan?

Since padel balls are already less inflated than tennis balls, their pressure can rapidly decrease as the player strike, bounces, and pass the ball over the opponent.

This means that the longer the rally of the game, the faster the decrease of pressure in the ball. With this scenario, it is evident and proven that the lifespan of the padel balls merely depends on the level of the gameplay.

How Often is the Replacement?

As discussed above, the lifespan of padel balls solely depends on the level of the game. This means that beginners and occasional players, who are considered starting players, were able to keep the same balls for several weeks.

Thus, they can replace the ball once or twice a month. Meanwhile, regular or mid-level players, tend to keep the ball for one (1) to two (2) weeks. This is possible since they are beginning to increase their gameplay, which means they can replace the ball once in two weeks.

Moreover, professional players, tend to replace the balls several times a week since they always prefer new balls at optimal pressure. Here, it is important to have a budget for padel balls.

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