Wheelchair Tennis Accessories Costs and How to get them on a budget !

There are many tennis wheelchair accessories

The proper accessories and upgrades are necessary to complement your Tennis wheelchair and to sail into your matches without hassles. Although they are not that expensive individually, you will have to get more than so you need to choose the rights ones that suit your body and playing level. These costs can amount to high expenditures if not approached correctly from the beginning.

So, what is the average cost of tennis wheelchair accessories? The average cost of tennis wheelchair accessories is $267 while ranging from $235 to $320. This depends on the quality of material, size, and intended use.

We did the research for you and tabulated below the average price for each tennis wheelchair accessory used to determine the expected overall average.

Tennis wheelchair accessoryAverage Price ($)
Chest straps72
Ratchet Strap50
Thigh Strap30
Foot Straps75
Wheel Bag (single)40
The overall Total average for Tennis wheelchair accessories is estimated to be $ 267.

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Wheelchair Tennis Divisions and Accessories

There three categories in wheelchair tennis is played

Wheelchair tennis is exactly the same as compared to the normal tennis, the only difference is that, in the wheelchair tennis the player is allowed to hit the ball after it has bounced two times and the second bounce can also be outside the court.


Quads, men, and women are the three categories in which wheelchair tennis is played.

Quad is a category for those players that are suffering from Quadriplegia (a spinal cord injury that causes partial or total limb paralysis either in arms or legs), and to hold their racket they need a tape to help secure the racket with their hand.


There are two divisions based on the functional ability of the players:

Open Division:

This includes players that have no upper body impaired functions, and the permanent, substantial or total loss of function may lie in the lower limbs, either in one leg or in both.

The players in open division, experience Spinal cord injury in S1 level or above associated with loss of movement in the limbs.

Quad division:

As discussed above the term Quadriplegia, quad division includes players that are suffering from quadriplegia, which causes impairment in the upper limbs also. Either the player may have substantial loss of function in one or both legs and also may have impairment in the upper limbs too.

Players having a spinal cord injury at the C8 level or above may also be considered in Quad division.

There is no differentiation in accessory required for any of the categories or divisions.

Wheel chair Design

Athletes designed the wheelchair which is used in tennis, keeping in view the comfort level of the players and noting all the major things that may help the player to stay safely in the wheelchair, and reducing the risk of injuries. A casual design of wheelchair is shown below:

Various accessories such as straps can be integrated into the wheelchair (Image Source)

For examples, The backrest of the wheelchair padding can be improved with softer material to give comfort to the players’ backbone and bring ease to them during the game. The Footrest must also made of good quality so that the player may feel easy and not slip his foot.

For detailed information and cost of the tennis wheelchair, it is worthwhile to go through our previous article What Is The Actual Cost Of Playing Wheelchair Tennis? Budgeting Tips!.

Wheelchair accessories

Chest and Waist Straps

Straps are the specially designed to part of any wheelchair used in sports or in normal daily use. Straps helps in keeping the player in place and prevent sudden jerks or dislocations.

Wheelchair tennis chest strap

The chest straps/ waist straps help in improving balance and often confidence, but its main drawback is that it can affect/ reduce reaching and rotation movement, if not properly fitted and adjusted.

The average price of Chest straps is $72 and prices can range from $55 to $100.

Ratchet Strap

The purpose of a ratchet strap is to secure the player into the tennis wheelchair around the hips. The average price of Ratchet Strap is $50.

Ratchet Strap

A ratchet strap is preferred on a Velcro one ( A strap made of nylon and polyester).

Thigh Strap

Thigh straps are important if the person has an impaired function in his legs. The partial or permanent paralysis in the lower limbs may cause the person to fall from the wheelchair, and in that case leg straps hold the limbs of the person in their position and keeps the body moving as a unit.

The average price of legs/ Thigh straps is $30. This is based on a strap of:

  • 2″ Wide x 30″ – 60″ Length
  • 8″ of hook and loop velcro on either end.
Thigh strap

Please note that some are sold as order and specification so the price may vary.

Foot Straps

The purpose of foot straps is to keep the foot secured on the footpad during the match when turning, or during leg spasms.

Click foot straps average price is $75 and ranges from $60 to $100.

Wheel Bag

Single wheel bag

We advise buying a reinforced wheel bag with zippers. Be careful while buying as most of the bags sold are for a SINGLE wheel.

The average price of a single-wheel bag is $40. You may find double-wheel bags at $90 and above.

Life span of strap

Straps can be used for almost a year or two, depending on:

  • the quality of the straps and;
  • the proper storage of straps: Keep away from direct sub light and extreme weather conditions.

Most straps are made of neoprene/Velcro Straps and are really helpful for every wheelchair user and in adjusting the seating position and posture in accordance with their core strength and overall condition.

Cleaning and lubricating the parts of the wheelchair, also increase the life span of the wheelchair as a whole, and its parts.

Avoiding the twisting of the straps may also prevent its damage.

Maintenance of Tennis Wheelchair

Periodic maintenance of wheelchair, straps and various other parts is very important, as it may prevent life-threatening injuries. A players’ wheelchair before going for the match and often casually must be counter checked to detect any malfunctioning in the chair or the straps strength and elasticity, etc.

Some of the points to keep the wheelchair, its straps, and various other parts in healthy functioning include:

  • Tires of the wheelchair should be properly inflated, that is if the tire presses down about 5mm, then it needs to be inflated.
  • Cushion should be maintained as it is important for maintaining the seating position which in turn, affects the player’s [performance. Any damage or hole in it should be noted; also the foam sturdiness should be checked.
  • Wheel bearing should be inspected carefully, or else the free rotation of the wheels would be hindered.
  • Nuts and bolts should be tightened to make it comfortable for the wheelchair user.
  • Brakes, is another very important thing of a wheelchair. For the player, it is very important to have good functioning brakes to go for the ball and hitting it at the exact time.
  • Straps need to be checked for their strength, elasticity and straps hooks that ensure proper support. All these things should be stored in room temperature conditions and checked on a regular basis.

For more information, this might help:


A wheelchair tennis player is seen to be more passionate about the game, as compared to the abled tennis players. The enthusiasm and the determination of wheelchair players make the game worth watching.

In addition to the cost of the tennis wheelchair, the total average costs expected for the tennis wheelchair accessories is $ 267. The total accessories price is affected by each player’s core function and intended seating position which in turn, determines the accessories required.

In addition, always store your tennis wheelchair away from extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) and keep an eye in the tire pressure and wheel bearing.

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