Workout Basics: What Is Cardio Tennis?

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Training is the least favorite part of any sport. It can be boring and seem like a waste of time; especially when you’re feeling tired! Training, in tennis, can be particularly frustrating because a lot of the drills involve cardiovascular exercises instead of on-field practice. Regardless, training is training! And to make it less exhausting, tennis experts have introduced new ways of training that are fun, engaging, and interactive at the same time. This new set of training methods is known as cardio tennis.

As fancy as it sounds, cardio tennis has become quite common. Most tennis academies offer memberships in their cardio tennis programs for a cost of $20 on average, per session. The session time may vary but usually ranges between 45 to 60 minutes.

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Cardio Tennis: Everything You Need To Know!

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Cardio tennis is an interactive fitness schedule that involves a variety of workout drills and training exercises. What makes it different from regular training is how cardio tennis is conducted in groups that are led by licensed coaches. Meaning, you’ll be able to work out and make new friends at the same time!

As the name describes itself pretty well, cardio tennis drills consist of aerobic workout sessions that help to attain fitness by burning any extra calories. The cardio tennis drills are mainly standardized workout procedures that help to train the body in terms of movement, flexibility, and strength.

The cardio tennis groups typically include 6 to 10 people at a single instance. The drills are designed in such a way that it allows all members to take part in them on an equal basis. Some of the drills even involve working out together in a way that develops a sense of teamwork between the members. This, in itself, is necessary because, in tennis, you’ll be required to adjust when playing doubles.

Cardio Tennis: The Benifits Of Group Workout Sessions

Apart from the obvious health benefits attached to exercise, cardio tennis serves to provide different perks and gains for those interested.

1. Social Interaction

The best part about group sessions is that you get to discover new people and make new friends! It’s always more fun to train when you know others around you are working just as hard. Social interaction doesn’t just mean you get to train together. Rather, it can also motivate you to make new friends and hang out off-field as well!

2. Synergy

Groups sessions shape the creative process of training to its best form. Not just in tennis, but in any field, group activities have been found to completely revolutionize theories and ideas. This concept is also known as synergy.

In our case, synergy in tennis can greatly improve the impacts of training on an individual. For example, if you’re having trouble with one method of training, you can always ask for help from your exercise partner. In most cases, small tricks and positions can significantly help you to maintain stamina and avoid any unnecessary exhaustion.

Alternatively, there might be some aspects of training that you may excel at. You can make use of your expertise to help those who seemingly struggle. This exchange of ideas creates lasting bonds between members who progress on equal terms and even become international stars if they work hard enough!

3. Economic Feasibility

Cardio tennis is led by certified professionals who are well familiar with the game. The membership you purchase will also include direct coaching under them.

Seeing how the group includes a small number of people, each professional is easily able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the coach will give you the special attention you may need to grow productively. Alternatively, you can also ask the coach to give you some extra time during each session.

If you think about it, this is a great alternative to hiring private coaches that may force you to spend hundreds of dollars for a single session! Even then, you might not get the proper time that you actually need to progress in a certain skill or tennis in general.

What Does A Standard Tennis Cardio Program Include?

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The program can vary depending upon the guidelines passed down by each professional. However, in a general sense, the workout program tends to follow the following order:

1. Warm-Up

Like all training sessions, the warm-up mainly includes breathing and stretching exercises that prepare your body for what is to come. These are light exercises and sort of a demo before the actual training begins. The purpose of a warm-up is to simply prevent your body from cramping up once the actual session begins.

3. Cardio

It is what it is! We’ve all done cardio exercises at some point in our lives. The difference is that they’re all done in groups.

Cardio exercises may include, but are not limited to walking, running, burpees, and other such movement-based drills. Since the cardio exercises are associated with tennis practices, coaches mostly use training cones to determine a boundary. The participants are required to run, jog, and practice their motions within those cones to create balance.

4. Tennis Trials

This is, perhaps, the only part of the session that involves on-field tennis practice. It usually includes lessons where the coach teaches all the participants the basics of the game. You’ll get a chance to hold the racquet and smack some tennis balls around, but not without caution! The coach will be right by your side to judge your racquet-stroking abilities.

In the later stages of the session, you may also be paired up with a partner to play friendly sets against each other. This is where you’ll be able to judge how far you’ve progressed since it will be a test of your body and mind. Additionally, you’ll also have your friends to support you along the way, thus, giving a major boost of confidence!

What Are The Requirements To Join The Session?

Age Is Just a Number!

NONE! The exciting part about cardio tennis is that you don’t need any experience or special skills to join the group. As a matter of fact, beginners are actually encouraged to join because the session itself is considered to be a social activity that welcomes people of all genders, ages, and abilities.

If you ever get the chance to visit an ongoing group, you’ll notice how people there would mostly be having a good time irrespective of their age or gender. Every participant of the group is treated equally and is encouraged to socialize with each other.

Cardio Tennis Equpment: What Do You Need To Bring?

Since most of the workout is based on aerobics, you won’t be required to bring any extra things apart from your basic tennis equipment.

As a beginner tennis player, you would already have to purchase racquets and tennis balls, irrespective of whether you want to join the session or not. Thus, the cost of all these items cannot come under cardio tennis. The only amount you’ll be paying for is the actual sessions that you attend.

Having said that, most of the training techniques don’t even involve tennis equipment. All you’ll need is a healthy set of legs and the willpower to succeed!

Cardio tennis should be available in most academies near you. This is a very professional method of training and is offered by all facilities that train athletes and professionals. In fact, these sessions aren’t even dependant on tennis courts or a specific environment. Upon doing research, you’ll find that many coaches and organizations may be offering these sessions at the nearest public park to your location.

Conclusion & Parting Advise

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Train Your Mind And Body. For Exercise Is What Keeps You Moving On!

Overall, cardio tennis features a variety of positive impacts for the players and community, in general. It’s not just the means through which we can train. Rather, it’s a fun place where we can meet people and spread positivity in our society.

Tennis or not, exercise is something we should all commit to on a routine basis. It’s the one factor that is scientifically proven to keep us healthy and increase our lifespan. Not to mention how it also releases certain chemicals in our body that lift our mood and energizes our mind.

As a future tennis player, it is highly recommended for you actively take part in these sessions so that you may begin to grasp the fundamentals of tennis. Through certified professionals and joint practice trials, you’ll be able to experience the ultimate learning experience that’s enriched with a fun and joyful environment.

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